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CrossFit is a branded fitness regimen designed by Greg Glassman. Over the last few years, Cross Fit has gained a lot of popularity as the workout consists of varied functioned movements that are performed at relatively high intensity. All workouts are based on functional movements that feature the best aspects of weightlifting, running, rowing and gymnastics.

What is Cross fit Workout?

While starting a new exercise process can be a daunting experience, taking up CrossFit can be nerve wrecking with all the workouts being high intensity. CrossFit is a fitness program that includes full body workouts that combines several elements such as cardio gymnastics, core training and much much more.  The intense workout regimen is like no other and is extremely varied as the CrossFitters almost never follow the same workout routine twice in week.


If you are interested in becoming a CrossFitter, you will have to enroll yourself in a CrossFit gym. These gyms are usually large warehouses; also referred to as ‘the box’ that offers group classes. Individuals are required to workout out 3 to 5 times in a week. The coach may develop a daily workout routine or else you may simply have to follow the Workout of the Day, also known as the WOD.  

Advantages of CrossFit Workouts

Well, there are plenty of reasons why fitness enthusiasts are going crazy over this regimen. Here are a few benefits of CrossFit Workouts:


Unlike most workout routines, CrossFit is fast paced and intense. The workout routine may only consist of three or four routines such as squats, jogs and burpees, but it will provide you a range of benefits as you are expected to keep doing each exercise one after the other over a set period of time. This concentrated form of workout routine thus helps to burn fat more effectively.

Prevents Plateaus

Plateaus are probably the worst part of exercising as your body starts to become unaffected by your routine. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about that if you are following a CrossFit workout routine.  Unlike a mundane exercise routine, CrossFit widely features functional movements performed at increased intensity. Such forms of training are considered more effective as you are able to reap more benefits in a shorter period of time, this helps tackle plateaus and boredom.

Crossfit Benefits

What’s more exciting is that CrossFit does not encourage you to follow the same boring old workout routine every day. The daily Workout of the Day encourages people to switch to different forms of exercises, which target different muscle groups depending on the level of intensity.  

Constantly working your muscles in a variety of ways prevents your body from becoming too familiarized with the exercise to, growing immune to muscle development. The program itself is designed to accommodate all kinds of people by simply switching the duration, weight load and intensity of the workout routine.

Time Efficient

CrossFit is the perfect workout routine for people who are looking for a quick and effective workout plans.  In a span of just 15 to 20 minutes, CrossFitters are asked to complete as many rounds of a specific exercise as they can. While this may leave you tired and exhausted, you will have burnt more calories than a regular workout.

Improved Health

CrossFit was designed to promote fitness and good health. Some of the major domains that the fitness regimen focuses on include flexibility, speed, accuracy, endurance, coordination, strength and agility. All this achieved by promoting hormonal and neurological adaptations in the body. Additionally, practicing a vast variety of movements improves quality of life and makes the body more flexible.

Increased Motivation

It is quite easy to cheat at the gym by cutting off a few reps here and there or by taking a longer break than necessary. All these practices become fairly common when you are not motivated enough and consider exercising as a chore. CrossFit workouts are especially designed to keep you motivated until the very end.

Additionally, the program has a devoted group of followers who offer support, tips and help on the company’s website, helping newbies stay on track. CrossFit also hosts a number of events around the country that might help you make some great friends who can encourage you to stay fit.

Crossfit Strenght Training

Boosts Cardiovascular Fitness

Contrary to popular belief, running for several hours a day at a steady pace in hopes of improving cardiovascular fitness does not reap any notable benefits. On the other hand, high intensity training workout routines such as CrossFit boost cardiovascular fitness. Additionally, such high intensity forms of training requires less time and commitment compared to other forms of endurance training, making it far more effective and beneficial for people.

Increased Joint Mobility

Due to a large variety of workouts that include bicep curls and moving your limbs in practically every direction, CrossFit plays an important role in improving joint mobility. Additionally, by learning how to lift heavy objects off the floor and hold them over your head, you become less likely to suffer from injuries in your everyday life.

Building Relationships

Quite often, the gym is just a place where a collection of random people gather to perform their own different exercises. Well, CrossFit changes all that. When you are at ‘the box’, you are surrounded by a community that has gathered here for a common purpose.

This group of people will do their best to motivate you and encourage you to stick to the goals. Additionally everybody in the room has the same the same goal in mind; to get into shape and lead a healthier life. This is what makes becoming a part of CrossFit so fun and exciting.

Best CrossFit Workouts

So, are you determined to give CrossFit a try? The best thing about the program is that you can follow it at home. Here are some of the best CrossFit workouts that will challenge you like no other fitness regimen in the world:

King Kong

Sounds dangerous, doesn’t it? This particular workout is all about goal setting and aspirations. The simple workout routine consists of lifting heavy weights and some gymnastics. Practically anybody who is motivated or determined enough can perform this workout routine that consists of:

King Kong Crossfit Training

3 rounds for time

·         1 Deadlift (455 lbs)

·         2 Muscle Ups

·         3 Cleans (250 lbs)

·         4 Handstand Push Ups

OPT Repeatability Test

This is probably one of the hardest workouts you will ever do. The goal of this workout routine is to test your fitness level by testing your ability to recover afterwards. After finishing one round, you must rest for about 12 minutes and then start all over again. While this intense workout is not for beginners, it will leave you feeling challenged and rejuvenated afterwards. The workout routine consists of:

OPT Repeatability Test

3 rounds for time

·         Row (250m)

·         10 Kettlebell Swings (70/53lbs)

·         10 Burpees

·         10 Kettlebell Swings (70/53lbs)

·         Row (250m)

·         Rest for 12 minutes between each round

Half Cindy

This workout routine is great for beginners who are trying to get a hand on CrossFit. Beginners may feel incredibly tired and exhausted, so do not feel ashamed to use modifications that will help you during your workout. You may use a resistance band and wrap it around the pull up bar for assisted pull ups. Do not forget to keep track of your progress. While the Full Cindy is of 20 minutes, you will be ecstatic to know that the Half Cindy is a 10 minute routine. And it of:

Half Cindy

·         5 Pull Ups

·         10 Push Ups

·         15 Air Squats

Things to Consider

Like any other form of exercise, CrossFit is perfectly safe only if you know what you are doing. Before you climb aboard the CrossFit craze, it is imperative you familiarize yourself with the proper mechanics and seek the help of a certified CrossFit trainer. CrossFit is not the kind of exercise that should be done at home if you are not aware of all precautions keeping you from having an injury. Here are a couple of things you should consider before opting for CrossFit:

Stick to the Beginner’s Course

To become a regular participant, you must first take a beginner’s CrossFit course. The course covers various areas such as learning the names of different movements and terminologies and how to achieve proper body alignment. The beginner’s class is recommended to prevent injuries as the instructor teaches you how to perform various exercises correctly.

In case you are practicing CrossFit at home, only stick to the beginner’s course and do not attempt to perform anything that is too advanced. Performing an exercise incorrectly can seriously damage your muscle tissues which may lead to permanent damage.

Don’t get too carried away

It’s fairly common for people to get carried away when they have first enrolled themselves into a fitness regimen. However, CrossFit is not child’s play, which is why you must develop the intensity gradually. While you may see skilled veterans in the gym performing impressive series of exercises while displaying their strength and athleticism, do not assume that you will be able to achieve the same milestones within a matter of days.

At the beginning, the weights should be minimal while the exercises should be performed slowly. As you get the hang of it, you may increase the intensity. If you do not give your body enough time to adjust to your new vigorous workout routine, you may suffer from an injury.

Ask Questions

Browse through different types of CrossFit workouts on the internet and if you are not able to understand a specific technique or instruction, seek the help of a professional before trying it out on your own.

CrossFit Workouts

Get in Touch with your Coach and Trainer

Before you overburden yourself with a workout sequence that seems too difficult, seek the help of a professional coach or trainer. Not knowing the mechanics of a particular exercise and still pushing yourself to failure can increase the risks of pulling and tearing your muscles.  Additionally, pay attention to how your body feels throughout the workout and speak to a professional if something does not go right.

Health Requirements for CrossFit

CrossFit is an intense fitness regimen, which is why you should be absolutely fit before you enroll yourself or try out any of the workout routines at home. If you are suffering from a health condition, contact your doctor.

Additionally, if you are not already active, it is recommended you enroll yourself in a more slow paced exercise program that will get your body accustomed high intensity training.. According to WebMd, CrossFit is not for the following people:

Killer CrossfitWorkouts

  • Old age: The elderly may find this exercise regimen too intense. Opt for a more low intensity workout such as yoga once you have spoken to your doctor.
  • Suffer from Heart Disease: CrossFit will likely be too much for you if you suffer from a heart condition. Always seek professional advice from your doctor before you jump into a new exercise routine.
  • Dealing with Knee or Back Injury: CrossFit probably is not suitable for you if you are dealing with a back or knee injury. Give your body time to get back into shape before you opt for a vigorous workout routine.
  •  Pregnant Women: CrossFit is not suitable for pregnant women, especially those who are not accustomed to performing exercises. If you were already practicing CrossFit before you got pregnant, contact your doctor to know whether it is alright if you continue with it. If you do continue, your instructor may make some changes to your workout routines. Also, do not attempt to perform anything that is too intense or that may put you off balance.

The Bottom Line

CrossFit is an incredible fitness program that can get you into shape in a matter of weeks. However, if the exercises seem too much, do not be afraid to try something that is low intensity. You can get into shape with the help of other exercise routines, which aren’t  too intense. Good luck!

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